Dogs at the beach

Doggy Hotels

Did you find the perfect beach house or condo in Galveston to stay at?  The only thing it doesnt allow is pets. So now what do you do?  No worries, you can take Fido to a Doggy Hotel so you fur baby can have a vacation too! What is a Doggy Hotel? A doggy hotel …

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Pirates Legends of The Gulf Coast

Background A very long time ago, pirates roamed around the seas of the Caribbean and Atlantic. A lot of them made their way towards the Gulf of Mexico, to Yucatan, and eventually to the shores of Texas and Louisiana. One of the most famous pirates, even made Galveston his home for a period of time. …

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Pier 21

The Fun Pier 21

Looking for something different and interesting to do? Why not visit Pier 21, located on Galveston’s Historic Harbor in the Strand Seaport Area. With the endless amount of dining, attractions, and logging, the fun never ends at Pier 21. Today we will discuss all the fun activities, attractions and dining options that you can explore …

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Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

The Historic Galveston Ghost Tours is home to all of Galveston’s greatest ghost stories. The ghost tour guides takes you on an expedition through Galveston while you soak in the sights and the sounds of the eerie island. The guides offer to show a unique history of Galveston Island and why it is considered to …

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Star Drug Store

Star Drug Store

Coming down to the Island soon? Looking to get away from the usual brand names stores and experience something that is old-fashioned and vintage and full of history? Well why not stop by Texas’ oldest drug store: The Star Drug Store. Here you can eat breakfast, lunch, brunch; have a cooling beverage from the soda …

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Cooling a vacation home

How to Cool a Hot Vacation Home the Best Way

Taking a trip to the beach and renting a vacation beach house? With it being the first official day of Summer today blasting it’s heat, maybe you’ve noticed that your rental home is unbearably hot. To avoid heat exhaustion, your first instinct is to blast the AC to oblivion, but little did you know, that’s …

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Katie’s Seafood House

Looking to eat some delicious seafood on the Island? Well why not stop at the one and only Katie’s Seafood House? This restaurant is a true testament to what a true family business is, and everyone has been buzzing about it. Today we will discuss some history behind the restaurant as well as some dishes …

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Pirates Legend of the Gulf Coast

Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast

Looking for an activity that both you and your kids can enjoy and learn a little history? Why not visit Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast? It’s an interesting place where you and your children get to take a trip down Galveston’s long pirate history. From Jean Lafitte’s infamous time on the island to his …

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Escape Room

Escape Room

Coming down to Galveston soon? Looking for something fun and challenging that your whole family can partake in? Well do I have the place for you! Escape the Island has a ton of thrilling escape rooms. The only way to get out is for you and your group members to solve the mystery. Today we …

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Nate's West End Seafood & Steaks

Local Restaurants on the West-End

Coming down to the west-end of Galveston soon? Looking for a nice restaurant to unwind and recharge after your long day out? Now yes, we’ve all heard of the Chili’s and Wendy’s of the world, but what about dining in at one of Galveston’s” local” restaurants? It’s something you’ve never heard of before, so you …

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