Beach Yoga

Benefits of Doing Beach Yoga- Why Yoga on the Beach is BETTER!

What is beach yoga?

Beach yoga is just like doing regular yoga except on the beach. If you don’t know what yoga is, it is something practiced for health and relaxation and involves things like meditation, breath control, and specific body postures. There are many benefits of doing yoga  in general and doing yoga on the beach is even better. It is more relaxing due to the sounds of the calm waves and the nice fresh outside air.

What are the benefits for doing beach yoga?

There are any benefits for doing beach yoga including:

  1. For one, doing beach yoga near the ocean reduces stress levels.
  2. It decreases anxiety, and sleep disorders. WOW!!
  3. Also, doing yoga near the ocean improves your posture muscles.

Studies prove that if you are working out on an unstable surface like sand, it strengthens the muscles of your feet, hips, shoulders, and/or knees. Another good thing about doing it on the ocean is that you get vitamin D from the sun. Research shows that being in the sunlight is very good for the body and could prevent depression. One more benefit is that it is just very cool to do. The waves around you, the quietness, and the nice feel of the sun is great and amazing.

How do I book a Beach Yoga class and what are other useful information I must know?

SUP Gulf Coast offers yoga on the beach every Saturday. It starts at 7am and ends at 8am. Its for all ages and all genders. The location is 29th Street and Seawall on the sand. The price to get in is $15 per person. Also, when you are done with the yoga, you can pay $10  to paddle board and go see the dolphins or you could go just to enjoy the nice, smooth waves.

Also, before going to the class you should remember to bring a   towel. You can book your yoga classes today at Remember times and prices are subject change, so please double check before booking.

Can I do Yoga on the Beach with some Friends or By Myself?

Yes you can especially at my beach home where the beach is very secluded and more private than the public beaches.  If you already know your routine, great. Get your mat out and get started.

The sounds of the ocean waves and music of the wind is all you need.  If you need follow along with an instructor, take your laptop to the beach and log in or use a DVD to watch and follow a Yoga Class!

If you have never tried yoga or beach yoga, you should 100% give it a  try if you ever get a chance. It’s really fun and more importantly beneficial to your health!