Beach Home or Hotel Rental? TOP 7 Reasons to Rent a Beach Home in Galveston

Have you ever wondered whether it would be better to rent a beach home in Galveston instead of booking a hotel?  Well, the answer is Yes and here are the top SEVEN reasons why.

No. 1 – SPACE! A beach house will provide you at least triple the space of a hotel room to unwind and have some space to yourself to relax and unwind without always running into each other.

No. 2 – AFFORDABILITY! With a beach house, you might pay a little extra per night but you can share the cost with another family so it works out much cheaper in the end versus renting 2 hotel rooms.  With a fully equipment kitchen and grill, you won’t have to eat out every meal which will be better for the bottom line. And don’t forget where you book also makes a difference!

No. 3 – PRIVACY! You won’t have to worry about maids, elevator and other noises just outside your door, crowded areas, and thin walls.  These will not be factors in your beach house and you can enjoy it as you please.  Parking will also be just steps away instead of  a garage or gigantic parking lot.

No. 4 – FEELING OF HOME! You will have everything you have at your home, plus more.  A laundry room, appliances, grill, games, dishes, utensils, coffee maker, beach toys, and anything else you might need will be available at your fingertips.

No. 5 – STEPS FROM THE BEACH!  If you rent a beach home right on the water, you will literally be steps from your own private beach where you can come and go as you please.  Most beach homes will come fully equipped with beach chairs, umbrellas, body boards, beach games, and toys for your little ones.

No. 6 – NO OTHER CHARGES! Internet and cable are always included and there will be no additional charges for parking, laundry room, pool towels, rentals, toys, etc.  Your bill for the home rental will not change from the time you agreed to the charges.

And Finally:

No. 7 – THE VIEW! Being right on the beach can help RELAX you! You  can also enjoy the view, feel the ocean breeze, enjoy your coffee or a meal, and watch your kids having fun on the beach right from your private balcony which looks right at the ocean.  How can you beat this at any hotel!

Most beach homes have gourmet kitchens, big screen TVs, variety of channels on cable, luxurious linens, outdoor showers, and some may  even have pools and spas.  All of these items come at an affordable price compared to hotels.

Just keep in mind the rules of the beach are the same across the island.