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Jimmy’s on the Pier

After a day of sightseeing or hanging out on the beach, you might like some fresh comfort food?   Well, Jimmies on the Pier is the place to be. It not only has amazing food, but the views are amazing especially the sunrise and sunsets!

 With a dining area that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner  and has a coffee house, you just can’t go wrong here. Did I also mention that there is a fishing pier that seemingly extends forever and ever giving you higher chances to catch some big fish before your meal?!

Today we will discuss the different types of food that they have to offer as well as more information about the fishing pier.

Local and Fresh

An interesting fact about Jimmies is that they have their own Farm. Everything on that farm is pesticide and hormone free and grown naturally.  They take great pride in growing their produce and caring for livestock.

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Jimmy’s food is mostly all about southern comfort! If you’re coming for lunch and dinner, there are many items you can chose from. For your starters, a couple of entrees I would recommend for you are the calamari and Crawfish Queso. The calamari is served with sweet and spicy tomato jam and the Crawfish Queso is served with tortilla chips.

My favorite entrée would have to be the Stuffed Snapper, which is topped with beans and served with cilantro lime rice and fresh vegetables.

They also have a wide selection of juicy burgers which are absolutely to die for. A couple of hits would be the OG and the Bacado. The OG is a half-pound of beef served with pickles, lettuce, tomato and onion and the Bacado is basically the OG served with avocado.

And don’t worry there is also a kiddo menu that covers all the basics!

Breakfast Menu

Make note that breakfast is offered only on Saturdays and Sundays!! If you come for breakfast, here are some entrées that may interest you.

The OG breakfast slam is a package of 2 eggs, bacon hash browns, and silver dollar pancakes. The grilled burritos are also to die for. You have an option to put these sides in them:

  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Cheese
  • Chorizo
  • Bacon
  • Sausage

My favorite meal from the entire breakfast menu would have to be the Breakfast Sandwich. If you choose this entrée, I would recommend getting the Texas Toast as your bread choice.

Coffee Shop

Sitting right on the pier, Jimmie’s coffee shop provides you exquisite coffees, lattes, and drinks.  I have to say that they have the best lattes in town. I would never have a latte unless it was from Jimmies.

Their chalkboard menu is always changing, so be sure to try something new every time you visit! The coffee shop is also open 24 hours, so come on by anytime!

Fishing Pier

As I stated earlier, the fishing pier seems to never end as it extends into the Gulf. An all-day pass is $12. Senior passes (ID required, must be 65+) are $8. Veteran and military passes are also $8. Kids 12 and under get in for $12.

Free Pier Walk

Be sure to ask about a  free pier walk after a meal.  They were offering a free one hour pier walk the last time I was there, but you had to purchase a meal. Fair enough!


Jimmies on the pier also offers:

  • Kids Fishing Classes
  • Adult Guided Pier Trips
  • Surf Lessons

To book any one of these, or for more information, click here.