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Top Beaches in Galveston

Crystal Beach
Crystal Beach is just a ferry ride away to 7 miles of beautiful beach located on the Bolivar Peninsula. The beach is known for its amazing fishing opportunities, and crabbing. There are also an abundant number of restaurants nearby that serve fresh seafood.

Crystal Beach rarely ever gets crowded, so it’s an ideal place to bring your family for a fun day at the beach. Also, after a long day at the beach, you can check into the beautiful Hotel Galvez to recharge and repeat the next day!

Stewart Beach
This beach was voted top “10 Best Beaches for Families” by Family Vacation Critic. Crystal Beach provides you and your family with endless amenities such as:
• Pavilion
• Chair and umbrella rentals
• Volleyball courts
• Concessions
• Showers
• Children Playground
• Giftshop

Stewart Beach also has highly trained lifeguards on duty at all time, so you know your kids will be safe while out on the water. Alcohol is also prohibited on this beach. The parking fee from Monday through Friday is $10 and $12 on Saturdays and Sundays.

East Beach
East Beach is more for partygoers rather than for a whole family. There is usually loud music playing and many parties are thrown here. A few amenities include:
• Boardwalk
• Entertainment Stage
• Restrooms
• Showers
• Lifeguards
• Bird Sanctuary

East Beach is famously known for its live concerts and festivals thrown throughout the summer. Also, Alcohol is allowed, unlike most beaches in Galveston.

San Luis Beach
San Luis Pass is known for its miles and miles of never-ending beaches. This is a popular tourist destination for people either looking to fishing or bird-watching. While most beaches don’t allow vehicles, San Luis Beach makes an exception. Just remember to not park on the soft sand when driving onto the beach.

A few habitats you will see when you’re here are:
• Dunes
• Sandy tidal flats
• Marshes
• Cane grass

Bird species you may see when here are:
• Sparrows
• Pelicans
• Egrets
• Sandpipers

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