Travel insurance

Top 8 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Taking a trip soon? Hoping that everything goes as planned and there are no delays or problems? Well just in case the inevitable happens, you want to be prepared by buying travel insurance.

Travel insurance is something people purchase when going on vacations. It is meant to cover things such as

  • cancellations
  • lost luggage
  • medical expenses
  • and much more

Today we will discuss the benefits of travel insurance and why it is important to purchase it when going on vacation.

1. Cancelling Trips

Say something comes up and you absolutely cannot attend your planned vacation. It is a huge bummer, but with trip cancellation coverage, your out-of-pocket expenses will be recovered. This includes your flights, hotel, vacation home rental, planned excursions, etc

2. Cancelled Fright

If your flight ends up being canceled, purchasing trip interruption coverage will have money for you to afford another ticket as well as money to stay in a hotel.

3. Missed Connection

Say you are flying from Alaska to Dallas and then to Galveston for a cruise. The flight to Dallas gets delayed and you miss your connection flight to the cruise.  If you purchase missed connection coverage, you will be put on another flight to your desired location and assistance services will help pay for the travel changes.

4. Natural Disaster at Desired Location

You are taking a break from reality on Galveston Island  at beachfront property. A hurricane strikes and severely damages the vacation rental you are staying at a couple of weeks before you depart. With weather damage insurance, your pre-paid costs will be recovered, and travel assistance services will arrange for your vacation to be at a new location.

5. Terrorist Attack

You are going on a vacation overseas.  A week or so before, a terrorist attack occurs and all airports are closed. With the purchase of terrorism coverage, you can cancel your trip without losing all of the money you put into the vacation.

6. You Get Sick or Hurt

You cut your hand hiking on an excursion with friends. You think, your alright, but the next morning you wake up with a fever coming to find out that you have blood poisoning. With medical coverage, you don’t have to pay a massive medical bill and you will have services that will take you to a medical facility.

7. Lost or Delayed Baggage

Your vacation has finally arrived, and everything is going smoothly until one big problem occurs, the airline has lost your baggage or sent it to the wrong destination. With delayed bag coverage, a hotline will help you recover your bags and essential items will be given for you to start your vacation until your bags arrive.

8. Lost Passport

Say you lose your passport at a restaurant in Mexico. With lost passport coverage, you will be given help in the process of replacing and buying a new passport.


  • You can see now why travel insurance might be important. At the same time, be sure to read the reviews on the company you choose.  Some companies make it really easy and other no so much if you have a claim.
  • When looking at different travel insurance plans, make sure you purchase one that makes sense for your trip. For example, if you are headed to the beach and driving, your car to your vacation rental home, you probably don’t need flight insurance. Read the fine print to see what your coverage entails. Sometime not everything is included.

I hope this article give you some idea of what to ask for before buying a travel policy.  Good Luck and have a safe trip!  J