Old ships

Texas Sea Port Museum

Why is The Texas Sea Port Museum important?

The Texas Sea Port Museum is important because it shows all the ships that kept the shores of the gulf coast safe from invaders. It takes the people back in time to cannon firing, sailing ships, and adventure on high seas.

During the tours, museum goers will be able to see artifacts, paintings, even ships during that time. It literally houses our history.

What are some things you can look at or tour?

Elissa: Elissa is one of the oldest ships still sailing today that you can view from the Sea Port Museum. She is 141 feet long and she launched on October 27, 1877, almost 141 years old!

Marine Biology Tour: This tour provides participants with an opportunity to view dolphins and other species in their natural habitat. It also lets you study Plankton and explore Galveston Bays rich history. The tour is led by a marine biologist.

Basement to Attic Tours: This offers tourists a rare look into 1892 homes that are typically off limits. The tour features Mrs. Gresham’s Studio and an exclusive third story view to a one of a kind panoramic of The Gulf Of Mexico.

Dolphin Tour

Can You Book Tours?

Yes, you can book tours at the Sea Port Museum. The type of tour depends on the date, which you could look at, at the Sea Port Museums here .

They have a wide variety of tours and a wide variety of prices which can range from $9 – $30 plus.

My Personal Review:

First things first…there is no AC so bring a hand held fan if you plan to tour the ship. Be sure to go on the tour of Elissa and watch the documentary. It’s literally a boat turned into a museum.

If you are not into history and learning how things came to be, this tour is not for you. My brother whined the whole time.

We also did the dolphin tour which was my most favorite part. My entire family enjoyed that.