Jet ski

Texas Jet Skis Laws and Beach Safety Tips

Jet Ski  Safety Tips

Jet Skis will always be one of the best things to do, while being so close to the ocean. Even though they are the most fun thing, there are still rules and laws about riding a jet ski. You might be thinking something like, “rules, yuck!”

But the rules and laws are for everyone’s safety, whether on the jet ski or if they are fishing, or even if they are on the shore. I feel like I should tell you all about the rules so if you all ever go jet skiing, you know how to keep yourself and everyone around you safe, while doing this fun activity:

  1. Do not operate the PWC (personal water craft) at night
  2. Don’t operate the PWC near any person, motorboat, or even the shore
  3. Don’t operate at a greater speed than what is reasonable
  4. Don’t operate in a circular motion around anyone or another watercraft, whether they are fishing, etc.…
  5. Don’t anchor in any river, so that other boats can go by without hazard to any person
  6. Don’t operate in any restricted area
  7. Don’t operate while intoxicated
  8. Don’t swim or dive within 200 yards of any shore or sightseeing place, unless you are doing maintenance
  9. Don’t fail to comply with the Coast Guard
  10. Wear a life jacket

These rules will keep everyone safe as long as everyone follows them. If you follow them the trip will be much more fun because there would be no harm done.

Beach Safety Tips

The beach is also a wonderful place to go in Galveston if you are looking for some fun. The beach has some very fun things to do and they can be dangerous, so I will give you all some safety tips for the beach and don’t forget to read about the beach rules:

  1. Learn how to swim, so you don’t drown.
  2. Have young kids wear life jackets
  3. Swim with a buddy just in case you ever need help while in the water
  4. Use sunscreen to avoid burns (Trust Me!!!)
  5. Swim close to the lifeguard just in case, there is a rip tide
  6. Don’t dive into the water because at some places of the ocean it isn’t as deep then others, and because you don’t want to risk hurting your head.
  7. Enter water feet first.