Galveston Beach Rules-Top 7 Rules to Know!

Galveston Beach Rules-Top 7 Rules to Know!

Just like any city or beach, Galveston has laws or rules to keep its citizens and tourists safe in and around the beaches. The laws and rules are to keep everyone safe while swimming or to keep everyone safe while being around the city.

Galveston has many rules for the beach. Here are some of the rules and in some cases, laws to take into consideration while enjoying that relaxing ocean breeze.

 1.  Bonfires

Bonfires or any type of open flames are not allowed on any beach on Galveston Island. Fires have to be contained in a BBQ pit or some sort of fire pit.  Be sure to have a fire extinguisher nearby to be safe.

2.  Dogs

Pets are allowed on the beach, but they must be on a leash and you have to pick up their number 2 if they go on the beach. This is for the safety of everyone who fears dogs and their possible mess that might be left on the beach. Scoop it up people!

 3.  Alcohol

Alcohol is allowed in some parts of the beach. You will know its allowed because there will be a sign that says if you can or can’t. The areas we know alcohol is allowed are: East Beach/Apffel Park, Porretto Beach, and west of 61st to 16 Mile Road.

4.  Off Road Vehicles

Off road vehicles like ATV’s, dirt bikes, etc.… are allowed on some parts of the beach. There will be a sign telling you if it is allowed on that part of the beach. You can got past 15 mph. And remember to stay off the sand dunes.

5.  Sand Dunes

It is illegal to play or drive on the sand dunes.  Do not remove any of the vegetation on the dunes either. Also be careful of snakes and other creepy crawlies creatures that call the sand dunes home.

6.  Fireworks

Fireworks of your own are not allowed on the beach at all. This is because of all the fire work injuries in the past and they don’t want anyone to get badly hurt.

7.  Weddings

Wedding are allowed on the beaches of Galveston with some restrictions.  I have written an extensive article about Galveston beach weddings.


Whether you are a tourist or an islander, keep these rules top of mind to stay safe in Galveston.