Lone Star Rally

Lone Star Rally 2019

Coming down to Galveston this November? Looking for something to do rather than just going to the beach? Well you’re in luck because Galveston is known for much more than just her beaches.

Why not attend Lone Star Rally? It is a 4-day event that draws over 40,000 cyclists from all over the world. It gives bikers the opportunity to power up their engines all over Galveston.

Today we will discuss why Galveston’s Lone Star Rally is worth attending whether you’re a rider or not.


Whether you have the coolest motorcycle in the world or you drive a Camry, this event is something you will not want to miss. There will be more than 40 new concerts day and night during the time of this event. They are located at Saengerfest Park at 23rd and Strand, and at Beach Central Park and 21st and Seawall Boulevard.

You will hear music genera’s such as classic rock as well as country and blues.  There will also be an amazing parade taking place at the strand where bikers can show off their bikes.

Beach Central Park also provides a second music entertainment stage as well as bike shows and displays.

Concerts- are FREE

I down loaded the schedule from there site for you.  Note that the schedule is subject to change… just like anything else.   🙂

Lone Star Rally 2019 Concert Schedule


Throughout the long weekend, there will be plenty of shows for everyone:

  • Bike Events
  • Car/Truck/Jeep shows
  • Miss Lone Star Rally

And so much more. Be on the look out for these and more shows and events.


Admission for all is free!

Galveston’s Lone Star Rally takes place during the dates of  October 31 – November 3. 

Just go to the Lone Star Rally!

You may not feel comfortable around many bikers because you may not fit in, but I must tell you it is an experience to remember.

I had the same thoughts until I attended the event. I got a chance to attend many live music events and meet thousands of bikers from all over the world. It was also more ethnically diverse than I thought it was going to be. I expected a bunch of white folks and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my vision of what the rally was going to be was nothing as I has imagine it.

There were many people from many various places all over the globe. It was interesting talking to them because they all had a special reason for attending the Lone Star Rally year in and year out.

As I stated before, Galveston’s Lone Star Rally is something anyone can enjoy biker or not. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend a once in a lifetime event like no other!

More detail on the rally here!


Lone Star- Accommodations

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