Beach Brain

What does the Beach do for Your Brain?

Exciting Beach News!

Going to the beach gives people some of the greatest feelings in the world. The sound of the waves and the smooth sand in between our toes gives people a feeling of relaxation that cannot be achieved anywhere else. But did you know that the beach can have positive psychological effects on your brain as well? Visiting the beach is very beneficial for your brain and today I am going to tell you why.

Activation of Prefrontal Cortex

One extreme benefit on attending the beach is that it seems to activate your prefrontal cortex. This is an area of your brain that associates itself with self-esteem and human emotions.

When you hear the sound of the ocean, your prefrontal cortex seems to get more engaged. This, in turn gives you happier thoughts and a higher self-esteem. So, the next time you’re feeling down and out, the beach is the place to be!

Generation of Negative Ions

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want something negative to be generated in my brain?” Well the truth is: negative ions are extremely beneficial for brain function. The waves of the ocean produce negative ions which in turn helps our bodies ability to absorb oxygen.

The beach also happens to balance serotonin. This is a chemical compound in the body that is closely related to feelings and stress levels. Scientists have proven that the beach has been linked to positive mental energy and an overall well-being, which in turn help us have better sleep at night.

Stress Hormone, Cortisol Level Significantly Lowered

Another awesome benefits of going to the beach is the fact that it lowers your cortisol levels, which are directly related to stress. Some noises that lead to stressful situations such as traffic can cause cortisol levels to go up.

However, calm and peaceful noises such as the waves of the ocean can cause cortisol levels to drastically go down. With the levels of cortisol down, potential diseases can be easily prevented.

Ocean Surface can Calm you Down

The flatness of the oceans surface gives you a feeling of overall safety that is impossible to be reached anywhere else. When out and about, we must always be weary of a threat or something bad happening.

When we look out into the beach, we can see nothing but miles and miles of the endless ocean, which takes those thoughts of negativity away from our minds. We are given piece of mind at the beach.

In Conclusion

To conclude, the beach is a place of endless wonder that takes away the negativities of everyday life. This is one of the main reasons that the beach is so good for our learning brains.

It gives our brains a time to relax and enjoy the sounds of the waves without having to worry about dangers from the outside world. So the next time you are stressed and feel like the world is going to end, just head on over to the beach!