Kitchen fire

How to Put Out a Fire in the Kitchen

Ahhh you are in your kitchen. A place where unforgettable recipes, memories and…. fires are made. Yes, I said it: fires.

While your kitchen may be a wonderful place, it can also be a hazardous one if you’re not paying attention. In fact, 33% of kitchen fires are caused by unattended cooks. It’s time to get off your phone and focus on what you’re doing in the kitchen.

It is heavily taken for granted how dangerous a kitchen can really be. With the holiday around the corner which means lots of cooking, today we will discuss what to do if the inevitable ever happens to your kitchen or maybe one in the vacation home you rented.  🙂

Broiler or Oven Fire

If there is ever a fire in your oven or broiler, never open the door. A fire thrives when met by oxygen! Also, you can possibly suffer severe burns to your face and hair. Turn the oven off and the fire should calm down. Once everything has cooled, you can begin to clean up the mess.

Stovetop Fire

Now, stovetop fires can be a bit more dangerous; but as long as the oxygen supply to the fire is cut off, the fire can’t grow. It is good practice to keep a lid next to the oven in the event that a fire occurs. If the lid doesn’t succeed in calming the fire, pour baking soda on it. It will cause stifling in the fire. If all else fails, you have two more liable options: take the fire out with your fire extinguisher or call the fire department.

Fire Extinguisher Tips

It’s always smart to keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times. There are three types of fires you want to look into:

  • A- combustibles
  • B- oil and gas
  • C- electrical fires

The extinguisher that would probably suit your needs the best is B, due to most kitchen fires involve grease. Try to avoid the smaller extinguishers (they look like bottles of hairspray) as they require you to get way too close to the fire in order to put it out. When you use your extinguisher, stand about eight feet away from the fire and try to aim above the actual flames. Remember that after you use the extinguisher, everything that you sprayed will need to be totally cleaned and wiped down.


To conclude, kitchen fires can be very dangerous if not taken care of properly. With proper etiquette in the kitchen, they should be avoided. Now get off your phone and attend to what you’re cooking!