How to Naturally Get Rid of Mosquitos on the Beach with Essential Oils

Beach time! A chance to kick back and relax, and…. get bitten by mosquitoes due to all the recent rain!  The pesky mosquitoes are everywhere, and they are seemingly impossible to get rid of! Yes, there’s mosquito repellant, but that only works for so long until the blood-thirsty demons find their way back on to our skin. There are other natural options, however, such as essential oils.

Today we will talk about different natural oils that will keep mosquitoes away from you whether you are at the beach or having a get together in your backyard.

Soybean Oil

You may not know this, but soybean oil is used in many well-known repellant products and is a great natural way to keep mosquitos away. Unlike some products that use citronella as their main repellant ingredient, soybean oil will offer you a longer lasting repellant, so the fun never has to stop! If you want your repellant to have a more fragrant smell to it, I would consider adding lemongrass oil to the soybean oil. This dynamic duo does wonders when keeping mosquitoes away.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

This essential oil has been scientifically proven by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)to effectively repel mosquitoes. Research shows that this oil stops approximately  95% of mosquitos from biting and offers 3 hours of bite-free protection. With scientific proof on its side, this oil is sure to protect you from irritating mosquito bites.

Neem Oil

Many studies have proven that neem oil can protect you from being bitten by mosquitoes. For example, 1% of neem oil was placed in a kerosene lamp and reduced the number of bites that the test subjects got from sitting in a room over a period of time. Also, mixing neem with coconut oil reduces the chances of contracting Malaria by almost 100% and West Nile by 77%.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has a very distinct smell that mosquitos would prefer not to be around. Not only does lavender oil keep mosquitoes away, but it soothes existing bites and keeps you from itching them. With the ability to heal and keep mosquitoes away, lavender oil is your best bet whether you want to keep mosquitos away or nurse a pre-existing bite.

In Conclusion

With mosquitoes flying everywhere these days, it makes it seemingly impossible to go outside and have a good time. With these essential oils, your summer or beach time won’t be wasted away by mosquitos. So get out there and enjoy yourself without the fear of being bitten by those awful mosquitoes!