Cooling a vacation home

How to Cool a Hot Vacation Home the Best Way

Taking a trip to the beach and renting a vacation beach house? With it being the first official day of Summer today blasting it’s heat, maybe you’ve noticed that your rental home is unbearably hot. To avoid heat exhaustion, your first instinct is to blast the AC to oblivion, but little did you know, that’s not the only way to cool your hot vacation home. In fact, the Ac can damage over time if blasted down abruptly. You must give it time to adjust slowly so it can cool more efficiently. Today we will discuss other options to cool your hot beach home without damaging the AC.

Close the Blinds

About 30% of unwanted heat comes in your home through the windows, but by using something to shade the heat such as curtains or blinds will keep the unwanted het out of your house. Curtains and blinds can save you money on bills and can lower the temperature inside your house by about 20 degrees.

Ceiling Fan Adjustment

Your ceiling fans have a lot to do with whether your home stays cool or not. Rotating them counterclockwise and at higher speeds during hot seasons such as summer will keep your home nice and cool.

Bathroom Fans

Bathroom Fans are a great remedy to keeping your house cool. They trap hot air that forms when you take a shower and eliminate it from spreading throughout your home, thus keeping your home nice and cool. Exhaust fans in your kitchen also have the same effect on the hot air in your home.

Late Night Air

During the summer months, the air gets a tad chilly at night. By cracking your windows open while you sleep, you can allow the nice cool air to enter your home and you don’t have to worry about another sleepless night!

Utilize a Portable Fan

Instead of using your AC, why not just use an electric fan. All you need to do is get a bowl of ice and place it in front of the fan. This will put your room in a chilled relaxing state. It’s also great because you’re not wasting energy by blasting the AC.

Hopefully you can use these tips not just when renting a  vacation home, but also in  your own home as well.