Christmas Beach Vacation

Benefits of Renting a Beach House for Christmas

Thinking about where to go this Christmas? Tired of staying at home all the time and stressing to make sure every Christmas party goes perfectly? Why not rent a beach house this Christmas?

I know it may sound unorthodox but trust me it will be a decision you won’t regret. Today we will discuss the benefits of renting a beach house this Christmas.

Host Stress

We all know how this goes! Stressing to plan the perfect Christmas party at your own home is just not worth it. Why not find a fresh neutral location to throw your next Christmas bash?

And let someone else decorate for the holidays on the beach!! With the beach in plain sight and a new environment, those tense moments between extended family such as the in-laws are sure to vanish!

Something Different

While you may be unsure about renting a beach home during the colder months, just remember; it’s something different and exciting! Imagine waking up every day and seeing the gorgeous beach. It’s something different from the usual backyard you wake up to.

Also, you are given a chance to relax and take your mind off things such as stress and anxiety. With an awesome beach home to relax in, your stress and hormone levels will ease in no time.

You also get a chance to get a break from reality. A break from all the wild last-minute Christmas shoppers and the outrageous lines at stores. This trip to the beach for Christmas can start a new family tradition that will last a lifetime!

Ocean Benefits

Being near the beach has many potential health benefits too.

For starters, it helps with your breathing. Many patients who suffered from cystic fibrosis claimed to have better breathing when they inhaled a prescribed hypertonic saline. This is a solution found in salt water that is similar to what we inhale at the beach.

Also, being around the beach helps with psoriasis, which causes flakes, redness and patches in the skin. Studies show that just five minutes of sunbathing helps relieve the symptoms.

Salt water has also been known to treat acne, as well as to cleanse skin cells and eliminate unwanted bacteria.

Last but not least, spending a day at the beach causes your body to calm down. Your brain receptors invite the sounds of the ocean in and tend to relax your body. Thus, sleeping somewhere in which the sounds of the water are visible will cause you to relax and have the best sleep of your life.

So with all that being said, our beach home in Galveston, TX is a beachFRONT property and you can get all the details here including photos and booking info: