Are Galveston Beaches Safe?- GET THE FACTS

Taking a trip to Galveston?  Wanting to visit the beach?  Of course you do! Have your children with you? Maybe you’re wondering if the beaches are safe for you and your loved ones to swim in?

Before we discuss this topic, it is important to note that swimming in any natural body of water comes with its risks, so don’t think you’re immune to the harm.

I have been coming to Galveston for almost 10 years. So to begin with, Galveston beaches ARE SAFE, but it’s always important to take precaution before entering any beach.

The Galveston County Health District tests for a bacterium called Enterococcus throughout fifty-two beach sites in Galveston. When a sample shows the level of Enterococcus above the EPA standard for safe swimming, an advisory is issued for the beach site. The site will be tested daily till the levels of RPS go down.

To avoid swimming in infected water, you should always swim at a beach at least a couple blocks away. You should always take precaution when swimming with open cuts or wounds. They can increase the risk of infection when swimming in the water.

Usually a lot of sharp rocks, shells and sea weed wash up on the shore. Always take extra precaution and watch your step when entering the beautiful water. For more information about The Galveston County Health District, please visit their website linked below.


In my humble opinion, I would have to say that the Galveston Beaches are very safe. The beaches on the West End, where my beach house is located, happen to be very clean.

We always enjoy spending time with friends and family there. While the water isn’t the clearest, I would have to say that the large waves and ocean breeze long make up for it. The waves have to be some of the biggest I have ever seen.

They are especially fun for surfing and swimming in. One of my favorite activities is throwing a football on the beach with my dad and brother. If you’re not into the water, you can always spend your time on the shore.

Pop a beach chair down, throw some shades on, and take in the  health benefits of the beach!

To conclude, Galveston has very safe beaches for you and your family. As stated before, swimming in natural bodies of water comes at its risks, but as long as you  follow the rules of the beach, you should have a great non-worrisome time. So what are you waiting for? The waves are calling your name!