Winter Beach Activities

Activities in Galveston During the Winter

Coming down to Galveston this winter? Unsure of what to do? With the beach sometimes off limits due to the cold weather, it can make Galveston seem useless or boring.

That, however, is not true. Besides the beach, there are many other things that will keep you and your family occupied as well as entertained. Today, we will discuss all of the fun and exciting activities you can enjoy while it is too cold to go to the beach.

Music and Movie Night on the Strand

Head on over to Saengerfest Park with your blankets and chairs and come to enjoy a movie under the shining stars! Movies and are held on every Saturday of each month at sunset. Concerts take place every second and fourth Saturday of each month from 6-9 pm. So, come on down! You don’t want to miss the exciting movies and thrilling concerts.

Dolphin Watch and Ferry Ride

Why not take a ferry ride to Port Bolivar and Galveston? You will get a chance to see some of Galveston’s historical districts, beaches, and best of all: the dolphins! Did I mention that this mini- tour is also free? A free tour and dolphin excursion is just what your family needs to enjoy their winter in Galveston.

Explore the Strand

Galveston’s downtown area offers many sights and activities such as restaurants, shops, museums, and galleries. You can also take a stroll on the historic Strand District.

There are endless amounts of shops and restaurants. I would recommend trying the Hubcap grill. Their burgers are to die for. If burgers aren’t your thing, I would take a look at the Black Pearl Oyster Bar. Their oysters on the half shell are the best on the whole island.


Galveston just so happens to be home to over 300 bird species. Moody Gardens and the Galveston Island Nature Tourism Council offer free bird101 classes meant to teach people about the birds and how they heavily rely on the island.

You will also be provided with a free brochure that shows you all of the bird hotspots on the island!

I hope this article helped you see that Galveston is more than an endless beach. There is a lot more to the island that gets shadowed out by its gorgeous beach.

Now that you have an endless amount of activities to go check out, what are you waiting for. Come on down as soon as possible and explore a different side of the island!

To find out about more activities on the island, please visit this website.