Sandy Hair

Will Sand Ruin My Hair? And How Do I get Sand out of My Hair?

Visiting the beach soon? Ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm and soothing should of the monster waves?

Here’s something you are most definitely not looking forward to: the sand in your hair! Sand is very notorious for being stubborn with our hair.

While having sand in your hair won’t cause any structural damage, nobody wants a scrappy, sandy scalp which can look like dandruff.

The following techniques that will hopefully help you get sand out of your hair more effectively. 


  • The first technique for removing sand is simple combing. Begin by removing all large snarls from your hair. Once the hair is nice and smooth, grab your comb and begin brushing as close to your scalp as you can possibly get.
  • Comb each section of your hair many times in order to ensure that all the sand has been removed. If there is any leftover sand, simply bathing will do the trick as you have already taken the bulk of the sand out of your hair.

Baby Powder

  • You may be wondering why this is used. The powder actually absorbs moisture which in turn loosens sand from your hair, causing it to come out without such a fight.
  • Start by shaking out whatever sand you can. Then start to dust your scalp with the powder. Hold your head upside down and shake out the remaining sand. After, shampoo your hair to remove all of the baby powder.


  • While it may seem silly and out of the blue, vacuuming your hair is very effective for sand removal especially for people with short or braided hair. To begin, remove as much sand as possible with your fingers. If your vacuum has attachments, attach the bristle piece that looks like a brush and begin vacuuming your hair starting with your scalp. While doing this make frequent stops and shake your hair so that more sand loosens up.


  • The final technique is simply washing and rinsing. You can rinse your hair in the shower or take a nice dip in the ocean to remove the stubborn sand. Also pouring buckets of water on your head is very effective.

In Conclusion

While you may have never heard of some of these ways to remove sand before, they are extremely effective. Now that you know these methods, I hope you can have a safe and hassle free day at the beach without the fear of getting sand in your hair! Just go out and enjoy the beach and sand!