Wet Dry Vacuum

Will Sand Ruin My Carpet? And How to Get Rid of It!

Visiting the beach soon? Looking to have a worry-free day? Well you are sort of in luck except for the fact that the worry doesn’t start until you get home. I’m talking about the stubborn sand that seems to find its way into simply everything!

What I’ve found it to get into the most, however is my carpet. Sand isn’t the best thing for your carpet to have in it.

  • For one, it causes your carpet to look filthy and unsanitary causing its level of appearance to go down drastically.
  • Another negative effect is that the sand gets stuck in the carpets fibers which will most likely result in buildup and more major damage.

Today we are going to discuss ways in which you can get sand out of your carpet effectively without ruining its overall quality.

  • The first and most basic option is a vacuum. It is your best option to vacuum your carpet as soon as the sand makes contact with it. If you do this, the sand will come out nice and easy.
  • If you choose to wait, the sand will settle much deeper into your carpet which will in turn make the sand much harder to get out.
  • Another alternative solution is a wet/dry vacuum.
    • They come in handy when you need to remove clumps of sand off your carpet.
    • The wet/dry vacuum is known for moving all types of particles from carpets and should effectively get sand out without any hassle.
    • The Wet/Dry vacuums can easily be rented for a minimal cost from your local hardware store like Home Depot

One thing you SHOULD NOT DO when attempting to remove sand from your carpet is

  • use cleaning supplies such as a spray.
    • Having a wet carpet will only make the sand soak deeper into your carpet making it extremely difficult to get the sand out.

In Conclusion

Sand in the carpet is a beach lovers worst nightmare. As long as you attempt to remove the sand as quickly as possible, your carpet should survive the harsh sand. I hope this article makes your next after-the-beach experience more relaxing  knowing what to do if sand ever makes its was into your carpet!