Top 10 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen at the Beach

Visiting the beach soon? Looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful sound of the waves? Looking to darken yourself up with a tan? Well even if you’re tanning, you should always wear sunscreen in order to give your skin the uttermost protection from the sun. Today we are going to go over the top 10 reasons everyone should wear sunscreen at the beach.

 1.  Sunburns

Did you know that you will start sun burning in only 15 minutes of exposure to the sun? People are very likely to get a sun burn very quickly, so sunscreen is always the way to go.

2.  Sun burning on Cloudy Days

You may think that just because the clouds are out, you are free from wearing sunscreen. Well I am here to tell you that you are completely wrong. Clouds are nothing more than water that is vaporized. The sun rays will go right through the clouds and burn you up!

3.  Sunscreen does not prevent production of vitamin D

As shocking as it is, sunscreen does not prevent all of the good that the sun does for you. People wearing sunscreen vs. people who don’t will receive the same amount of Vitamin D. The only difference is that the person without sunscreen will get sunburned.

4.  Childhood burns can lead to increased risk of skin cancer

As terrifying as this fact is, it is true. Depending on how severe the burn was, it could increase the risk of the child getting skin cancer between the ages of twenty-five to twenty-nine. Sunburns are serious business and it is unnecessary to put a child at risk when all that you can do to prevent it is applying sunscreen to their skin.

5.  Slows Aging

Did you know that the number one reason for aging prematurely is over exposure to the sun’s rays? By wearing sunscreen, you can slow the process of developing wrinkles and unhealthy skin. So, if you want to stay looking young and vibrant, wear sunscreen!

6.  Convenience

Sunscreen is more than just a lotion now. There are different options such as spray and a built-in moisturizer. Also, you can pretty much find sunscreen at whatever store you’re at, so it is completely convenient as well as easy to apply.

7.  Even Skin Tone

Sunscreen allows your skin tone to stay even. It keeps you from getting facial discolorations and facial brown spots. Nobody wants that on their face.

8.  Set a good example for children

Putting sunscreen on your child is not only important for them in the moment, but also for their future. It teaches them good habits in the sun and they are more likely to grow up and apply sunscreen to their kids. This keeps a healthy cycle going for generations to come.

9.  Depleting ozone layer

Sadly, our ozone layer is depleting, and this means we need more protection than ever. The ozone is supposed to protect earth from harmful UVB rays. With it getting weaker, it is vital that we protect our skin with sunscreen.

10.  Prevents you from getting more than just sunburn

While sunscreen is mainly known for preventing sunburn, it can also prevent other things. Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are other health effects that can happen from overexposure to the sun. Sunscreen can help avoid these issues.

We are serious about sunscreen!

Also to show you how serious we are about sunscreen, we are providing free sunscreen to our guests who stay at our beach home!