Top 10 Reasons to Get on Island Time

Top 10 Reasons to Get on Island Time

1. The Beautiful Outdoor Adventures

Galveston is best known for their beaches, but there is way more to do in this town that just beaches. You could experience the worlds next greatest sport, stand up paddle boarding.

Or You could also go to the Pleasure Pier, arguably one of the best places to go to for fun. You could ride fun rides like a roller coaster or go on a Ferris Wheel and look out into the beautiful city of Galveston.

2. The World’s Tallest Water Ride

At Schlitterbahn in Galveston, you could ride the world’s tallest water slide named MASSIV. It starts at 81 feet above ground level. That’s High!! The ride is crazy. Once you go on it, your world becomes a blur of color and sound as you are soaring through sense-shifting curve tubes and down ramps. MASSIV isn’t the only ride they have at Schlitterbahn. They have a lot more thrill and leisure rides as well.

3. Galveston Has A Lot of Museums

The island of Galveston is filled with history and has lots of different museums.

  • The Seawolf Park– which houses the USS Cavalla which was a WW2 submarine and one of the last destroyer escorts in the world, The USS Stewart.
  • The Bryan Museum where you can see the largest collection of southwestern artifacts in the world and the city also has the Railroad Museum where you can step in a beautifully restored locomotive or a train.
  • Ocean Star Offshore Energy Center, where you can learn everything about the ins and outs of gas and oil production and the impact of it on the Gulf Coast.

4. The Diversity of Restaurants

Galveston has plenty of restaurants on the island.  They can range from seafood to Chinese food to Italian food to traditional American food. The island has all sorts on restaurants for you and your family. The best restaurant in Galveston would have to be Millers in my opinion. They have almost everything from breakfast foods to seafood to hamburgers.

5. Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens is AMAZING!! You can see sharks and penguins in the moody pyramids. You can also get up-close and personal with monkeys, macaws and other exotic animals.

Moody Gardens is amazing because you can get to experience the wild life without leaving the comfort of Galveston. Not only does Moody Gardens have animal exhibits, they also have a 5 tier sky ropes course, a zip line and water park

6. You Can See Incredible sunrises and Sunsets

Because Galveston is a coastal town, it means that most sunrises and sunsets will be beautiful. Whenever going bring a camera to capture the beauty of the sky. As long as you are on the beach, you will have a more than amazing view.

7. Craft Beer is Made Right on The Island

Galveston has two breweries to make the great craft beer. They have Galveston Island Brewing Company and Beerfoot Brewery to make the craft beer for the island. Both factories are located off of Seawall Blvd. Cheers!

8. Bars/ Nightclubs

If you are looking to go for something better than a drink on your porch. Well you can take your pick from the plethora of nightclubs and bars.

9. Family Time

On Galveston there is so much to do with your family. You could take a Duck Tour or go on the beach, but Galveston has free events throughout the year like movie night or the fireworks during summer. In Galveston, there Is something for everyone!!

10. Dolphins

If you are really  lucky, you will be able to see dolphins from the deck of your home, but if not, they also have tours in Galveston where you can see Dolphins up close.