Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Café

Swoosh! Splash! Imagine getting to eat very delicious food while

  • hearing the sound of waterfalls
  • feeling the mists of a rainforest
  • seeing the incredible visuals of lush vegetation with animated wildlife
  • taking a ride on the river of a jungle

all during a meal at a restaurant.  Yep! There is a place like that right here in Galveston. It’s called The Rainforest Café. If for nothing else, go for a different type of restaurant experience.


Experience aside, there is something for everyone on the menu from exotic tropical salads to a Volcanic Desert!

  • Appetizers– has things like quesadillas, cheese sticks, chicken strips and much more
  • Soups and Salads– has almost any salad you could think of, and the soups are delicious. They have everything from a Jungle Safari Soup to a Kale and Red Quinoa Salad
  • Seafood– Has things like fish-n-chips, fish or shrimp tacos and much more
  • Pasta– They have 4 kinds of delicious pastas that are very delicious. They have Anaconda Pasta, Rasta Pasta, Pastalaya (which is spicy), and Portofino Pasta.
  • Beef, Pork, and Chicken– Has everything from parmesan chicken to flat iron steak and all the way to ribs and more
  • Sandwiches and Hamburgers– Has almost any sandwich or hamburger you can think of. For example, like a BBQ bacon burger, a philly cheesesteak, and much more.
  • Dessert– Just go for the Volcano!- TRUST ME ON THIS ONE!
  • Cocktails– there is a full bar service

And of course there is a kids menu that offers everything from pizza to hot dogs!

Wild Bunch Kid Zone

The Rainforest Café mostly caters to kids, but even the adults will have a great time. The “Wild Bunch” makes sure that kids of all ages have an amazing time while “exploring” the rainforest. The Wild Bunch is the group of animals they use to show kids the Rainforest and make them happy. The Wild Bunch includes:

  • Cha! Cha! -the brave and adventurous red-eyed tree frog
  • Tuki- curious and amusing baby elephant
  • Nile- crocodile who loves to have fun
  • Bamba -a kind, strong gorilla
  • Maya -the fearless jaguar who is the protector of the jungle
  • Rio- Macaw that loves to sing and dance
  • Iggy- the oldest and wisest of everyone and is an iguana
  • Ozzie- orangutan who is wacky and big-hearted

Get a Reservation

The best advice I can give you is GET A RESERVATION to avoid the long lines and waits as this place is VERY POPULAR on the Island. Although we didnt have a reservation the first time, so we passed the time in their gift shop and taking the river ride!  It was really cool!

Reservations can be made by clicking here: