Pirates Legend of the Gulf Coast

Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast

Looking for an activity that both you and your kids can enjoy and learn a little history? Why not visit Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast? It’s an interesting place where you and your children get to take a trip down Galveston’s long pirate history.

From Jean Lafitte’s infamous time on the island to his alliance with Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans, you’ll learn it all. With the interactive entertainment of a ship deck and actors portraying the infamous Jean Lafitte and others, your children will seemingly never get bored with these reenactments.


Also, after the show is over, take a trip down the gift shop where you kids can stock up on the latest pirate appeal, games, and toys! Here are the admission prices:

  • Adults: $10
  • Kids 5-13: $6.75
  • Kids Under 5: Free

Today we will give you a little backstory of what to expect when watching the reenactment and we will discuss the possibility of having a birthday party at Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast.


As you know, the show focus on one of Galveston’s most infamous pirates, Jean Lafitte. Was he a successful legitimate business man or smuggler? Evil Pirate of honorable patriot? Murderer or hero of war?

He had shady business operations and was a smuggler, yet he helped Andrew Jackson get a victory in the Battle of New Orleans. So, did heroic acts just cancel out all the bad he was doing? You ultimately get to decide as you take a deep dive into the everyday actions of Jean Lafitte. He used Galveston as his base of operations, but for what? Watch the play and decipher for yourself what his true colors hold?


Why not throw a birthday bash for one of your children here! Here are some party packages available to you:

The Deck Hand

  • Party with pirate host for up to 2 hours
  • Multiple children activities, varying depending on sizes and ages of kids
  • All utensils, decorations, plates, and cups included
  • $10.95 per child; must have a minimum of 10 children

The Pirate

  • $17.95 per child; must have a minimum of 10 children
  • Everything from Deckhand package
  • Cake and ice cream for the everyone

The Captain

  • $27.95 per child, must have a minimum of 10 children
  • Everything from Pirate package
  • Menu item for each child
  • Handpicked gift for the birthday child

 The themed party bags are $4.95 each. You must make a reservation at last 7 days in advance to the party and must make a deposit of $30 to hold the date.


As you can see, this is the perfect place to learn about Galveston’s pirate history as well as to have an awesome birthday party for your child. So, go check Pirate’s Legend of the Gulf Coast today! It’s and experience you and your whole family will never seem to forget!

For more information, please visit the link here.

Address: 2313 Harborside Dr, Galveston, TX 77550

Prices are subject to change!