Galveston Island Pubs

Looking to tan at the beach and relax at a nice restaurant? What about trying something new such as a pub?

Pubs aren’t known very well in American culture, but if you are looking for a place with a great environment, good cocktails and amazing food, a pub is a place to definitely check out.

What is a Pub?

A pub is an establishment licensed to sell alcohol or ale. Pubs origin from Irish, British, or Canadian cultures. They were first seen in the Roman Empire during the first century as a place to stop and rebuild energy with a refreshment.

Some stopped there for lodging, food, and drinks. Most pubs look old in age to commemorate their origin.

O’Malley’s Stage Door Pub

O’Malley’s is a pub located near the arts and entertainment district as well as only steps from the Opera House and Old Cellar Bar. O’Malley’s is mainly known for having over 100 bottles of imported beer as well as a selection of foods that are to die for.

If you are looking to eat a sandwich, The Reuben is the way to go. It is a delicious sandwich that contains hot corned beef, sauerkraut & swiss on dark rye with O’Malley’s own special sauce!

Another great option is The Chili Bowl. It contains O’Malley’s mouthwatering homemade chili, topped with cheese and onions with crackers on the side.

O’Malley’s is open from 11am-2am from Monday thru Saturday and Noon to 2am on Sundays.

This establishment has had people from all over the world visit with some even going as far as saying it “reminds me of home.”

2022 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX 77550

(409) 763-1731

Molly’s Pub

Molly’s Pub is located on the historic Postoffice Street, which is right in the center of the arts and entertainment district.

Molly’s is an authentic Irish Pub mainly known for carrying over 60 draft beers ready to drink as well as a full-service bar. They have an overall comfortable venue, so it is a good place to bring your family and friends for a nice night out.

Some of the activities they have are a pool table and a dart board. Along with great booze, you can engage in fun challenges with your friends.

Molly’s is open from 11am – 2am from Monday thru Saturday and Noon to 2am on Sundays.

2013 Postoffice St, Galveston, TX 77550

(409) 763-4477