Galveston Island Ferry

Island Ferry Information

What is a ferry?

A ferry is a boat that carries passengers and goods over a fairly short distance and is a regular service.

Where does the ferry go?

The Galveston Ferry goes to Port Bolivar from Galveston.

What is the price?

The price to get onto the ferry is free for all ages!

How often does the Ferry service run?

There is always one Ferry available 24/7.  More vessels are added as needed. Usually, during peak seasons such as the summer and holidays, they will run up to 5 Ferries.

How long does it last?

The mini cruise lasts 13 minutes and is a pleasant experience for both adults and children.

What are the wait times?

Generally, on the ferry, there are very little to no wait times to board. It is rare to see the ferry ever get backed up.

Where do you get on?

Galveston Ferry                                               Port Bolivar Ferry
1000 Ferry Road N.                                        123 SH 87
Galveston, TX 77550                                   Port Bolivar, TX 77650

What will you see?

On the ferry, you will see many beautiful views of Galveston. They are best seen from the observation deck. On the way to Port Bolivar, you may see Dolphins, which often accompany the ferry to its destination. If you see any seagulls, you can  feed them from the back of the boat, which is an amazing experience!

For more information about the ferry and bookings, please visit the website here.