Helicopter Tours

Helicopter Tours

Going on any type of helicopter tour would be an amazing and a unique experience for anyone. You get to see the city and ocean life from above which provides an amazingly beautiful view, that is definitely worth it. Galveston has ton of options for great helicopter tours of aquatic life and the city. Prices vary depending on they type of tour, how many people, how long the tour is, etc.

The tour options are:

Special Flight

This tour is perfect for families or friends who want to fly in a group. This tour takes you over the beach, and there is a maximum of 3 people per flight. This tour is definitely worth it because it is only $35 per person!

Beach Tour

This helicopter tour is 7 miles long but takes 7 minutes to complete. It takes you over Pleasure Pier, and along the Seawall, and to East beach, then returning to the helipad. This tour is perfect for the first-timers who want to experience what flights upon a helicopter are like. This tour is only $50 per person.

Ship and Shore 

On this tour you fly along the seawall, and into the harbor of Galveston for an up-close look at the ships in the port. You will also be able to see the Sea Wolf Park, downtown Galveston, The Oil Rig Museum, and much more. The tour lasts about 11 minutes and is only $80 per person.

Sea Life

This tour goes over 20 miles of Galveston Island Waterfront. You can fly the whole seawall, around and into the harbor, and along the shipping channel, where you could possibly see dolphins, turtles, rays, and many other sea animals. This is a wonderful way to see almost the whole island. This tour lasts around 15 minutes and is only $100 per person.

Around the Island

On this tour you will be able to see over 20 minutes of the beautiful scenarios around Galveston. You will be able to see everything from Schlitterbahn, Moody Gardens, the port and harbor, Pelican Island, Seawolf Park, and much more. This tour is only $150 per person.

Sunset Tour

This tour can be very romantic. It’s a wonderful way to end the day at the beach. For 30 minutes, you will get a tour of the whole Galveston Island. This would be a great birthday or anniversary gift. On this tour, you will get to see the sun set, to end the day off. The tour is only $175 per person, which is well worth it.


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