Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours

The Historic Galveston Ghost Tours is home to all of Galveston’s greatest ghost stories. The ghost tour guides takes you on an expedition through Galveston while you soak in the sights and the sounds of the eerie island.

The guides offer to show a unique history of Galveston Island and why it is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States.

Places You Will Visit on The Tour-

Sealy Mansion-

John Sealy wanted his family to have the best life possible, so he built them the largest and most lavish house on the island. The children’s play room was the attic and had a Broadway stage. To this day, the children still perform to anyone brave enough to see the stage doors closing and opening by themselves. Magnolia Sealy, who was head of household, is still seen wandering the halls.

The Normandy Inn-

Only one person ever enjoyed living here. That person was the man who brought satanism to the island. One week after construction a boy threw himself out of a window and lived because he thought something evil was about to kill him. This inn has now become a pilgrimage site for those who practice things like black magic, voodoo, satanism and more. Also, many sacrificial rituals have been held here including a human.

Ashton Villa-

Betty Browns spirit will be forever roaming the halls of this villa. Many have seen her wearing a turquoise dress and carrying a fan. She was always the life of the party… during and after life.

Durst House-

Robert Durst turned this duplex into a butcher shop where he cut and chopped Morris Black into pieces and put his body parts into 2 garbage bags. Legends has it that to this day, Morris is still hunting for his missing head!!

Ticket Prices:

  • Adults- $20
  • Children (under 12)- $15
  • Children (under 4)- Free


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