Fireworks Show- ALL SUMMER LONG! (Galveston 2018)

This summer, Galveston will be holding firework shows every weekend sponsored by Sky Wonder Pyrotechnics. The firework show is and is generally an enjoyable experience, but many people have many questions about these firework shows.

Where will the fireworks be held?

The fireworks will be held at 37th and Seawall Blvd

What date do the shows start and what date do they end?

The first show starts on Sunday June 3rd and the very last show will be at the end of the summer Sunday September 2nd.

What time will the fireworks take place?

The fireworks will take place every Sunday at 9 PM

Why should I experience this show?

You should experience this for many reasons. To start, it is cool seeing the colors in the sky and seeing the explosions. And now you don’t have to wait for July 4 or New Years to see the  show. Going to firework shows also gives you more time to bond with your friends and family.

Where are the best places to view from?

Many people enjoy watching the firework show from the beach on seawall, but there are more options as well. You could watch it from Nicks Kitchen and Beach Bar, The Spot, and many other places are wonderful places to go if you want to eat and enjoy the show.  We watched the show from  Gaidos Seafood Restaurant!  Not the best photo since I took it from inside…but you get the point. Fireworks from Gaidos

How long do the shows last?

The firework shows can last up to 7-10 minutes depending on the day.

In conclusion

The fireworks in Galveston are amazing and going to a show is an wonderful experience. It helps bond you and your friends or family closer and just looking at the fireworks make many people happy memories.