Escape Room

Escape Room

Coming down to Galveston soon? Looking for something fun and challenging that your whole family can partake in?

Well do I have the place for you! Escape the Island has a ton of thrilling escape rooms. The only way to get out is for you and your group members to solve the mystery.

Today we will talk about all of the different escape rooms that you can attempt to get out of and why it is a perfect activity to take part in whether you are with your family, friends, or a corporate group.

Unlock the Lost Treasures of Jean Lafitte

For many years, people believed that Jean Lafitte was forced by pirates to leave his Galveston home and forced to board a ship. This ship, however ended up wrecking on Deer Island, which is in West Bay (very close to the Galveston shore).

You and your team’s job as Marine Archaeologists is to examine the treasure from the wreckage and discover the secrets that they may hold. Don’t forget, you must also escape the room.

You will be competing with other teams to see who finds the treasure first, so you better hurry! You will have one hour.

ESCAPE THE RAID from the Historical Balinese Galveston

You and your group will be spending a night at the historical 1940s Balinese room. Here, you can enjoy your time at the nightclub and even possibly test your luck at the casino.

You must keep in mind that the cops are on their way to raid the place and shut it down! So, don’t get too carried away with dancing and the gambling because you must find a way to escape the Balinese room before the police come. They will arrive in an hour, so good luck!

Escape the Storm

As you may or may not know the storm that hit Galveston in 1900 was truly devastating. Imagine being the one who has to warm everyone about the storm.

Will you have the right equipment for communicating to the rest of the island? Do you have proper food and shelter to survive? You and your group have the improbable task of getting all of the residents of Galveston to safety.

Get your team to a safe place and deactivate the storm before it’s too late. You have one hour to get everyone to safety, so good luck!

Escape Rooms that have UPS and DOWNS

Ever been stuck in an elevator? What about stepping into an elevator which was clearly out of order? Suddenly there are noises everywhere and the elevator breaks down. You have one hour before the cords break and you fall to your death! Do you think you will make it?


An escape room experience is the perfect place for any type of occasion. Pricing for children 13 and under will be $20 and $25 for anyone older. Make sure you brush up on Galveston’s history. It will come in handy when attempting to escape.

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Address: 910 21st St, Galveston, TX 77550