Duck tours

Duck Tours Galveston

Looking to tour the Island in a unique way? Check out the Duck Tour!

The duck tour is not what you might think it is. There are really are no ducks involved.  LOL! It’s a really cool bus tour of the Island’s many land attractions and the bus the goes straight in the ocean for a tour from the sea.  Its a real “land and water tour” of the Island.

What are the tour times?

From June 1st to August 31st , they have tours basically all day. It starts at  9:30 all the way up to 7:30pm.

From September 1st to May 31st they have about 2-3 tours each day, but the tour times change periodically so they recommend you call them at 409-621-4771 to get times.   Get more info here:

What are the prices?

The prices vary by age. If you are under 2 years old, it is only $5s. If you are a child, it is 15 bucks and adult  $20 dollars. (Note: You can pay with A Mastercard, or a visa, or a discover card, and there are no refunds)

Where do you get on?

They load at 25th & Seawall Blvd. near Pleasure Pier. You can park on Seawall Blvd.  Be sure to pay for your parking.

Duck tours bus on road

Duck Tour Route

First, you will travel 40 blocks on Seawall Blvd  and see the sights and then travels to Offats Bayou where it starts a cruise across the bayou. It exits the water at Heards Lane and then take you past places like Harborside Drive, The Historic Strand Area, The Silk Stocking District, and past several historical mansions. During the ride, you will be given lots of humorous, yet informative information by the captains.

My Personal Review

The Duck tour was an amazing experience. I  learned a lot about the  history and culture  of the city of Galveston that I didn’t know. I loved hearing the captain’s funny, yet amazing stories. The captain was a nice person and was just great tour guide all around. He also shared which local restaurants we should  try. My favorite and probably most exciting part was when the bus went in the water. It’s pretty cool. But I am still not sure why they call it a “duck tour.” Hahahahah!