Dogs at the beach

Doggy Hotels

Did you find the perfect beach house or condo in Galveston to stay at?  The only thing it doesnt allow is pets. So now what do you do?  No worries, you can take Fido to a Doggy Hotel so you fur baby can have a vacation too!

What is a Doggy Hotel?

A doggy hotel is a place for dogs to go and hang out while their owners are on vacation and don’t want to leave their dogs behind. During their dogs stay, the owners can always check them out to go to the beach or something like that and bring them back when they are done. So if you are staying in a hotel or a beach home that doesn’t allow dogs, you can still bring them with you on vacation and  have fun with them.

Some great doggy hotels are:

Bone Voyage Pet Resort

If you need a trusted veterinarian to watch your dogs, then Bone Voyage Pet Resort is your place. They take very good care of your pets and their well- being while you enjoy your vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I Bring My Own Food and Toys? You are able to bring your pets own food and toys, but they do have a wide variety of food and toy options. Just know that their toy can get damaged while there, so do not bring a very valuable toy.

Is There Any One at the Facility During the Evening? Yes, they do have a late- evening care taker and video monitoring to check on your pets during the night when no one is able to be there.

Can I Check my Dog out if I Rented a Home on the Beach for Playtime? Yes, you can check your pet out for playtime and when you bring them back, they can even give them a nice shower after their fun day in the sand.

     Contact information:
  • Phone Number- (409) 740-2663
  • Address- 6928 Harborside Drive   Galveston, TX 77554
  • Hours of Operation- Monday- Friday: 7AM- 7PM      Saturday and Sunday: 8AM- 5PM

Dogs At Dolphins View

If you are looking for a professional dog care, dog boarding, or dog day care services in Galveston, then Dogs at Dolphins View is the place is perfect for your pet.

They give your dogs the attention and personal desire they should get. They have

  • a large indoor and outdoor play area for your dog
  • climate controlled indoor area so it doesn’t get too hot
  • a safe and clean environment for your pets, and more.
      Contact Information:
  • Phone Number-409 737.9515
  • Address- 10720 Termini – San Luis Pass Road Galveston, Texas 77554
  • Hours of Operation- 8AM-6PM

These are just 2 of many great options in Galveston for your pets. They both will handle your dog with care and love.  Remember location, pricing and hours could change, so please be sure to call and make your arrangements ahead of time.