Cajun Festival

Galveston Cajun Festival- Why Attend?

Looking to try something new as the beaches and theme parks are getting old? Why not attend Galveston’s third annual Cajun Festival?

It’s an experience the whole family should have so come on down!

Kids Zone

Thinking your kids will get bored and want to go home? Think again as the Kids Zone will keep your child entertained for hours on end. The Kids Zone has been equipped with games and rides that will keep your kids happy for the whole experience.

Best of all, rides are free of charge to all kiddos! I must note however that an adult must accompany the child while he or she is in the Kids Zone.



Here at the Galveston Cajun Festival, we like to get down and dirty with our competitions! One of the most favored competitions is the Crawfish Racing Event.

This particular event focuses on two crawfish who must escape a pot and hit the tracks to see who finishes the race first. It is an exhilarating and thrilling matchup that will keep you on your toes the whole time.

Another thrilling event the Cajun Festival has to offer is the Crawfish Eating Competition. This contest judges who can eat the most crawfish in a set period of time.

The winner will get prizes and are subject to bragging rights for the rest of the day!

Dates and Location

The Galveston Cajun Festival was initially supposed to take place on Father’s Day Weekend but has unfortunately been rescheduled to July 20-22.


Friday,  July 20:  5pm to 11pm

Saturday, July 21:   11am to 11pm

Sunday, July 22. 11 am to 5pm

Admission Price:

Admission prices is $6 for anyone the age of 11 or older and free to those 10 and under.

The event will be held at Beach Central Park, 2102 Seawall Blvd, which is located right in front of Galveston’s historic Seawall Blvd. and right down the street from Pleasure Pier. Beach Central Park also happens to be part of the historic Hotel Galvez.

In Conclusion

Now that you are familiar with what the Galveston Cajun Festival has to offer, hopefully you will make some time to head out there. It will be a memorable experience for you and your whole family so you don’t want to miss out!