Scuba diver

Benefits of Scuba Diving (even in Galveston)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like a live as Aquaman does? To swim among the fish and most of all breathe underwater!

Well I can tell you that scuba diving is your best bet to feeling like king of the ocean. While scuba diving may be great and exciting, there are also many health-related benefits to it as well.

Today we will discuss those benefits as well as where you could even go scuba diving in Galveston…

Muscle Strength and Flexibility

As you are maneuvering throughout the water, your muscles tend to get a hard workout in due to the water resistance and currents. The more you dive, the more you develop and strengthen your muscles.

You can even gain more endurance through scuba diving as well as a buildup of core strength. Strengthening your muscles and building endurance is the key to a healthier life.

Overall Breathing

When you go scuba diving, your air is limited to your oxygen tank, so you must breathe slower. This results in reduced heart rate which will calm you.

Breathing steadily can reduce mucus buildup as well as the risk of a lung expansion injury.

Alleviation Effects

Being surrounded by water can bring some to a much simpler time. For example, they will feel like they are in a safe place, such as their mothers stomach.

Also, being in the salty water causes you to become dehydrated. This in turn, will cause you to drink a lot of water when you return to land, which rebuilds and recharges your cells.

Warm Climates

While it is possible to swim in cold temperatures, most would prefer to dive in hot temperatures.

Traveling to warmer climates can ease and sooth the mind causing stress levels to drop as well as Vitamin D levels to rise, which leads to a better absorption of calcium as well as healthier bones.

With healthy exposure to the sun as well as the healthy benefit of diving, you will feel much healthier and at peace with yourself.

Where to Scuba Dive???

I know what you’re thinking. “Galveston water is disgusting. We won’t be able to see any sea creatures in this water!”

Well if you go out a bit more, the water tends to clear up! Fish-N-Divers is a company in Galveston that take people on diving tours no matter what their level of experience.

While on you tour, you may see animals such as the Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, Barracuda, Manta Ray, Sunfish, Whale Shark and much more.

The possibilities are absolutely endless! For more information about Fish-N-Divers as well as what to bring on your experience, please visit their website which will be linked below.