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Antiquing in Galveston

Coming down to Galveston soon? Looking for something to take back with you as a memory of your experience in the beautiful city? Why not get yourself an antique? Or go antique shopping?

For those of you that don’t know, an antique is a collectible object that strikes high value due to its considerable age. It’s the prefect piece to bring back home after your trip to Galveston.

Today we will talk about one antique store in particular that has antiques you can buy. You also have the option to sell an antique of yours to the company through an estate sale for a considerable amount of money!

SOMEWHERE IN TIME Antiques and Estate Sales

Somewhere in Time is an antique company located on the Historical Strand Street. They buy antiques from customers through an estate sale. This is a sale of someone’s personal property. This includes a wide range of items such as:

  • China
  • Furniture
  • Antiques
  • Jewelry

What can I sell?

And if you have an an antique, you can sell it too. You can sell almost anything. Many people make the mistake of throwing out something  which they think is useless but can turn out to be very profitable. So even if you don’t think something will make you any money, bring it just in case because you never know!

How involved must I be?

The service provided by the estate sale does everything for you. They organize and clean up everything followed by a market campaign to advertise the antique.

Who determines the value of my goods?

Prices are determined by the team of workers at Somewhere in Time. You have the option to argue the price with the team if you disagree with the value.

Are there any up-front fees?

There will  be no up-front cost to you. The fee is deducted from the sale.

If you are interested in the estate sale, please contact this number below:


Antique Showcase

Somewhere in Time also has an exquisite collection of antiques that you can purchase at their store during the hours of 10:30am to 5:30pm! You can take a trip back into time and buy items such as:

  • Century Filing Cabinet
  • Antique Homemade Doll house
  • Old-fashioned Coke Machine
  • Old-fashioned Gas Pump
  • Wooden Ship Wheel
  • 1900s Bank Cashier Desk

This is just a sneak peak of all the cool items you can buy. There is something for everyone here!


As you can see, this is the perfect place to purchase antiques from the past century. This family-owned business has something that will appeal to any and everyone! So, come visit and find something cool and pre-historic to put in your home!

For more information about Somewhere in Time, please visit their website here.

Address: 124 20th St, Galveston, TX 77550