All Things Italian! The Best Italian Restaurants on the Island

Whenever my family visits Galveston for vacation, we normally like to eat Italian at least one night, or maybe two.  After a long day of playing on the beach, we are ready for some Italian comfort food. Our two family favorite restaurants are Riondo’s Ristorante and Mario’s Seawall Italian Restaurant.

Mario’s and Riondo’s are both amazing places for either lunch or dinner. The service is awesome and the staff is very kind and caring. Both restaurants have great family atmospheres and are reasonably priced.

Mario’s appetizers are amazing! I honestly can just eat appetizers for dinner and if you can too, then this place is for you. Some of our favorites include the calamari, garlic bread and the spinach dip.  My son absolutely loves their Caesar salads and Mario’s seafood dip.

In my opinion, the two best appetizers are the calamari and the artichoke spinach dip, but really, you just can’t go wrong with anything there.

If you are craving a thick, cheesy pizza (NOW I AM!), you are in for a treat as Mario’s has the best pizza on the Island hands down!!  They have other amazing food to accommodate anyone’s appetite. Their Chicken A La Mario is incredibly good.

Their pasta tastes like heaven—speaking of heaven, be sure to try their Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo!!  Their meatballs are just okay for me but my kids rave about them.

All bread lovers rejoice! My family and I LOVE the Parma bread at Riondos.  It’s homemade every day and just to die for. Riondo’s has a lot to offer on their menu for all things Italian.  My husband and I really enjoy the blackened scallops.  We thing Riondo’s has the best lasagna on the island, hands down!!!

The Pollo Piccata and Veal Marsala are pretty good too. But more importantly, as busy mother of 2 teens and 3 K-9s, Riondo’s has an amazing bar with incredible drinks. I love to sit at the bar with one of their signatures drinks. Some I have tried, NOTE – not all at one time – include Heck’s Sazerac, Rondos Italian Margarita, Negroni, Park City Crush, and my all-time favorite, the Galveston Mule!

And of course let’s not forget dessert.  We have had the traditional tiramisu which was very tasty.  We also got to try the bread pudding on the house for our celebrating our anniversary!  SWEET!  And yes, it was pretty damn good!

Both restaurants have some amazing dishes to offer.  Check out their websites below and buona mangiata!