Beach House Rental

5 Reasons to Rent a Beach House instead of a Hotel

When going on a family vacation to the beach, you either stay at a beach home or a hotel. I personally prefer our family’s beach house in Galveston, TX which we rent out as well. In almost every case, however, the beach home in my opinion is a better choice because…

1. More Space

When renting a beach home, you get a lot more space than a hotel. In a beach home, you could get rooms for almost every single person, whereas in a hotel, you might have to share a room with others and be cramped in a tiny space.

2. Do Whatever You Want

At a hotel, you may have to conform to their schedule for meals, housekeeping, fitness, etc.… In a beach home, you can get up whenever you like, swim whenever, use the treadmill, and much more whenever suits your schedule. You can go out to the private beach on your time.  And the best part is you won’t have to share with too many people.

3. Privacy

When at a hotel, you have to deal with crowded pools, a crowded beach, elevator noise, and thin walls so you won’t find it as peaceful as at a beach home where you can get a whole home for yourself and your family and enjoy a private beach with not many people.  You can sit on the patio and enjoy the beautiful views of the Gulf!

4. Price

When you compare my luxury beach house to a luxury hotel, by far the beach home is worth the price.  If you were to get a hotel for 8 people, that is 2-4 rooms a night with a minimum of  $300 per night per room.  That adds up fast.  Plus in a hotel you have to eat all meals out which can get pricey.  Where in a beach house, you can have a few meals as well saving $100’s of dollars!

5. Comforts of Home

Beach houses are homes and as you would expect, it has all the features of a home. For example, it has a laundry room, a kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, a pantry, a fridge, and more. A hotel would only have one room stuffed with beds and maybe a small patio.

In conclusion,

A beach home has more variety and can lead to more fun than a hotel can. Make the right decision when booking and book a beach home, not a hotel.

You can see my beach house on the west end of Galveston here: