Wade Fishing

Wade Fishing San Luis Pass-Learn How Fun this Sport Can Be!

New to fishing? Tired of standing on a boat and waiting to catch something? Wanting to try something different? How about wade wishing?

It is a fun and more active way  to fish versus standard, traditional fishing. So, the next time you come down to Galveston, come explore the miles and miles of public beaches across San Luis Pass and try it out. Trust me, it is an activity that will help you find your love for fishing again!


Let’s begin with what wade fishing is and how to do the activity. Wading happens to be the ultimate contact with nature when it comes to fishing.

Wade fishing involves being directly in the general vicinity of the fish rather than standing on a boat throwing a line out and hoping a fish will bite. It involves going into the water to catch fish. It differs from surf fishing because you aren’t standing on the shore.

You go into the water with your rod and bait and try to directly catch fish. If there aren’t any fish in your general area, you have the freedom to move around the water and try for a new spot.

Many anglers prefer wade fishing over regular fishing because it saves them the hassle of bringing a boat with them. Not to mention, boats are very pricey and use up a lot of fuel.

When wade fishing, there are certain things you need to successfully fish as well as for your personal safety. When wading you don’t want to burden yourself with a lot of stuff.

What to Bring

You should bring a wade fishing belt to hold all your supplies. You also need a net to hold all the fish you have caught. I can tell you from prior experience that I’ve lost a lot of fish by forgetting the net!

And of course you will need  your fishing rod as well as any bait of your choosing. You should bring lures to hold your bait on as well as plyers to get the lures out of the fish once it’s caught. It is recommended that you wear old tennis shoes that you wouldn’t use for any other activity as well as swim trunks (duu!  LOL)  as well as a t-shirt to keep the hot scorching sun from burning you.

And of course don’t forget the sunscreen. I would definitely recommend that young children wear a life jacket because currents in Galveston’s waters can be very unpredictable as any ocean and it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

As for the best place to wade fish in San Luis Pass, there really isn’t a spot that’s bad. There are miles of beaches to choose from along the shore.

But, if you rent my beach house, you can have an isolated beach pretty much to yourself to wade fish as much as you want without disturbance. Also, after a long day of wading, you get to come back to a relaxing beach house to relax in!

So, the next time you come down to visit Galveston, try wade fishing. It is an experience you will definitely enjoy if you love fishing