Vacation Rental Kitchen Essentials: Your Perfect Stay Checklist

Above all, providing a well-equipped kitchen in a vacation rental is essential for ensuring your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Get the list here!  In fact, a well-stocked kitchen not only helps your guests feel at home, it also encourages them to leave positive reviews.  I have included things I have in my successful vacation rentals to help you get started.

Here’s a guide on everything you need in a kitchen for a vacation rental.  Also, please note: As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases!  

1. Cooking Essentials

Kitchen Essentials
Kitchen Essentials
  • Cookware: A variety of pots and pans (small, medium, large) with lids to handle different cooking needs. Be sure to include stainless steel options too.  By adding the stainless steel options your guests will notice the variety and know that you care about their needs.
  • Bakeware: Bakeware is a must! Baking sheets, casserole dishes, and muffin tins for those who enjoy baking. Be sure to get a set that includes a pizza tray!
  • Utensils: A comprehensive set of cooking utensils such as spatulas, tongs, ladles, whisks, and wooden spoons.
  • Cutting Boards: Provide at least two cutting boards—one for meats and one for vegetables. This one is perfect for a variety of cutting needs.
  • Seasonings: seasonings are totally optional, I provide the basics and find that guests also bring their own and leave them behind. If nothing else for sure provide salt and pepper.

2. Kitchen Appliances and Essentials

Vacation Rental Kitchen
  • Stove and Oven: Ensure they are in good working condition and easy to use.
  • Microwave: A microwave is a must-have for quick meals and reheating.
  • Coffee Maker:  be sure to give your guests options as everyone is so picky about morning JO!
  • Kettle: Likewise, for tea drinkers, this is a necessity. I actually was dinged in a review for not having a tea kettle.…yikes.  LOL
  • Toaster: Equally, a simple toaster is a must, user-friendly toaster for breakfast.
  • Blender: I don’t think a blender is optional as it is truly appreciated by guests who like to make cocktails or smoothies or need to blend ingredients.
  • Crock Pot: another extra must is a basic crock pot that will help you get great reviews!
  • Electric Griddle: adding a griddle also helps make your vacation rental stand out from the rest.
  • Can Opener: Make it easy for your guests to cook, a can opener is a no-brainer.
  • Wine/Bottle Opener: go ahead and get the big one and not the tiny bottle opener as the small ones always seem to get lost.
  • Lemon squeezer
  • Cheese grater
  • Measuring Cups and Spoons
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Pitchers
  • Strainer and Collander– Make note that they are not the same. A strainer is usually made with mesh while a colander is a bowl with holes in it.  😉
  • Peeler and Knife Set
  • Oven Mitts and Pot holders
  • Kitchen Towels- make note there are hand towels and then dish towels for drying dishes lint-free along with glasses. Because they are different, get both types.

3. Dinnerware and Serveware

For the purpose of always having extras, don’t just get enough dinnerware for the maximum number of guests.  Instead, be sure your guests have access to 25% more than what your home sleeps. So if your house sleeps 10, then make sure there is enough dinnerware and serveware for 13 guests.

4. Storage Solutions

Most vacation rentals don’t include the storage solutions below. My reviews say they love the extras and it doesn’t cost much more.

5. Cleaning Supplies

  • Dish Soap and Sponges: Essential for dishwashing.
  • Dishwasher Detergent: If you provide a dishwasher, include detergent.
  • Trash Bags: above all, supply more than enough for your guests’ stay.  It only benefits you to help the guest keep the vacation rental clean
  • Paper Towels: For quick cleanups and spills.
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Vacuume– Beachfront Bliss is not pet-friendly, but I still love it as it picks up SAND so easily and quickly.

6. Small Conveniences

  • Cooking Spray
  • Cooking Oil: A small bottle for cooking.
  • Tea and Coffee: A small variety can make guests feel welcome.
  • Sugar and Sweeteners: For coffee and tea drinkers.
  • Jar Opener
  • Apron
  • Vase– my guests like to bring fresh flowers so I have started adding a vase in all of my homes.

7. Safety and Extras

  • Fire Extinguisher: Ensure it’s visible and up-to-date.  For the purpose of safety, I have the actual fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage, additionally,  I also have these fire stop aerosol spray cans in the kitchen as they may be easier to use. Learn how to put out a kitchen fire here.
  • First Aid Kit: Keep a small kit in the kitchen for emergencies.
  • Instructions and Tips: So that there is no confusion, be sure to provide instructions for any complex appliances, as well as local dining or grocery tips.


In conclusion, a well-equipped kitchen can make your vacation rental stand out and ensure guests have a pleasant stay. By offering a variety of cooking essentials, appliances, dinnerware, and more, you demonstrate that you care about your guests’ comfort. This attention to detail can lead to great reviews and repeat bookings.  Be sure to show some of these items in your pictures in your listings to get bookings.

Also, please note: As an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualifying purchases!