Galveston Coffee Shops

TOP 5 Local Coffee Shops in Galveston

Galveston Coffee Shops

Galveston, Texas, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere, is also home to a sweet local coffee scene. You’ll find an array of unique coffee shops that cater to all taste preferences. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the must-visit local coffee shops in Galveston, highlighting what makes each one special.

1. Mod Coffeehouse:

Tucked away in the Historic Downtown District, Mod Coffeehouse is a beloved gem for coffee lovers on the east end. Known for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent baristas, Mod offers a wide selection of single-origin coffees and specialty blends.  Furthermore, the shop’s commitment to sourcing beans from ethical and sustainable farms shines through in every cup. Additionally, the inviting ambiance and cozy seating make it the perfect spot for settling down with a book or catching up with friends. Step into their shop, located on Postoffice Street, and witness the art of coffee roasting firsthand.

2.  The Mosquito Cafe:

While primarily recognized as a popular brunch spot on the east end of the Island, The Mosquito Cafe also boasts an impressive coffee menu. This eclectic eatery takes pride in its locally roasted coffee beans, ensuring a fresh and flavorsome experience. The Mosquito Cafe’s welcoming environment, adorned with local artwork and vintage decor, sets the stage for a unique coffee-drinking experience. Equally important, don’t miss the opportunity to pair your coffee with one of their delectable pastries or savory dishes.  Be sure to try the lemon or chocolate cake with your coffee- my personal favorite

3.  Seawall Coffee:

No exploration of Galveston’s coffee scene would be complete without a visit to Seawall Coffee near the west end. Located right on the iconic Seawall Boulevard, this cozy coffee shop offers stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. Sip on your favorite brew while basking in the refreshing ocean breeze. Seawall Coffee takes pride in serving locally roasted coffee and has a menu that caters to both traditionalists and adventurous coffee enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a simple black coffee or an intricately crafted latte, Seawall Coffee has you covered. I got a piece of traditional yellow cake with chocolate frosting with my brew! The treats here are delicious!!

4. Pariah Coffee (Jamaica Beach):

A hidden gem in Jamaica Beach, Pariah Coffee is a must-visit for coffee lovers seeking a laid-back beachside vibe on the west end of Galveston Island. They have delicious snacks and also offer a selection of specialty drinks that showcase their creativity and commitment to unique flavors. Customers enjoy indulging in beverages like flavored lattes, iced mochas, or seasonal concoctions coupled with some great treats. Be sure to also pick up some kolaches and cookies while you are there too! YUMMY!!!

5.  Red Light Coffee Roasters:

Located in the Silk Stocking Historic District, on the east end, Red Light Coffee Roasters is a hidden gem that coffee lovers will appreciate.  Uniquely, located close to UTMB, so it’s a perfect place to grab a cup of Joe. If you are having a hard time deciding be sure to try the vanilla latte or the salted butter pecan; and don’t forget to bring some coffee beans home so you can remember the flavors of Galveston for weeks to come!  😉


I hope you found this post helpful as you don’t have to always have the traditional Starbucks on the Island to enjoy a great cup of coffee!  😉