Galveston, TX Weather

Galveston Weather

Beautiful beaches typically come with beautiful weather.   Galveston, TX Island is one of those places. There are over 200 sunny days in Galveston per year.  The summer months are considered the busy season because with kids out of school many families flock to Galveston Island for their vacations because of the sunny weather. The average temperature in the heat of summer in July is sweet 89-90 degrees.

Galveston typically attracts visitors all year long because even in the fall and winter months, the temperature range averages 62 to 88 degrees.  The warm temperature attracts people from all over the country to sunny Galveston, TX.  The winter months especially attract snowbirds who are typically people who live in the northern United State who move to places like Galveston, TX where the climate is much warmer and bearable.  Plus, there are usually great deals on vacation rental homes during the winter months.  

So if you are looking for a place with great weather, reasonably priced activities and vacation home rentals, you should consider Galveston for your next vacation.