Beachfront Bliss Rental Agreement

Please review the terms of our rental agreement that we will send you to sign once you have booked.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 281-915-8167 or

This Rental Agreement is made and effective between Pravin & Leena Taneja (“Owners”) and (NAME OF GUEST (“Guest”) regarding the property known as Beachfront Bliss (“Rental Property”) which is located at 23409A Termini San Luis Pass Road, Galveston, TX 77554.

The terms of our Rental Agreement are intended to help you enjoy a safe, reliable, and convenient stay. The Agreement sets out the terms of your booking with us if you have booked a short-term rental. Please carefully read the agreement before signing.  A government-issued photo ID and a signed rental agreement are required upon booking.  The name on the credit card, photo ID, and rental agreement must match.  A copy of your ID can be securely uploaded when filling out the rental agreement. These steps must be completed within 48 hours of booking.

Please list the first and last names and ages of all guests staying in your group:

First and Last Name Age: First and Last Name Age:
1.   5.  
2.   6.  
3.   7.  
4.   8.  

Occupancy is strictly 8 people. No unregistered guests are allowed on the property. If your number of guests changes, please let us know in advance. If you have more people than the registered guests, you risk being evicted with no refund for the remainder of the booking and extra cleaning charges may apply.

In consideration of the rent received and the mutual promises contained herein, Owner of the Rental Property does hereby lease and rent to Guest(s) such Rental Property under the following terms and conditions:

Policies: Please treat the Owner’s Rental Property with the care you would at your own home and abide by the following policies or risk extra charges being added:

  • Behave as you would in any home in which you live, with respect for property and neighbors.
  • Guest must be a minimum age of 25 to rent this property. You must be an occupant of the unit during the entire reserved period and other occupants of the Rental Property during your stay will be family members, friends, responsible adults, and/or children under direct adult supervision.
  • Do not exceed the maximum occupancy of the Rental Property at any time: (8) Persons. We want our guests to enjoy themselves and we love to share our Rental Property but are restricted to 8 persons.  If you would like to have gatherings or parties, then we are sorry, but this Rental Property is not the right fit. 
  • Do not exceed the maximum parking of the Rental Property: Four (4) Vehicles.
  • No parties or noise that can be heard beyond the Rental Property lot line or in adjacent properties or any illegal activity may occur at the Rental Property.
  • No pets are allowed under any circumstances.
  • No smoking/tobacco products, vaping, marijuana or other illegal drugs are allowed in or around the Rental Property.
  • Check-in time is 4 pm and check-out time is 11 am – we will notify you via email or text in advance if early check-in or late check-out will be available.
  • No fireworks or bonfires are allowed on the property.  Bonfires are illegal in Galveston.
  • Please use common courtesy at the Rental Property by keeping it clean, reporting any problems or damages, washing dishes as used, taking garbage to the outside bins, leaving towels in the bathrooms and sheets in the bedrooms, and not re-arranging or taking apart furniture. Taking apart the furniture will result in a mover’s fee of $350 to rearrange the furniture back into its place in addition to being held liable for any damage that was caused.
  • After enjoying the beach, please be sure to wash off all sand outside before entering the house. We have a hose and outdoor shower for our guests to use.  Before using the washing machine, please be sure to shake off the sand outside before washing.  Housekeeping will charge an extra cleaning fee if excessive sand is found in the house.

Payment and Cancellations: We accept all major credit cards. For reservations made more than 30 days in advance, we only charge a deposit of 50% of the total reservation upon booking, with full payment due 30 days prior to check-in. For all reservations made within 30 days of check-in, we collect payment in full at the time of booking. Reservations that are canceled between 30 and 60 days prior to check-in would receive 50% of the deposit, minus a 10% administrative fee. Reservations canceled within 30 days of check-in forfeit the total amount paid.  All canceled reservations outside of the 60 days will incur a 5% cancellation fee. Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all stays. 

Cleaning: The Rental Property will be cleaned and inspected by third-party cleaning contractors after your departure. We ask you to help us and leave the Rental Property tidy, run the dishwasher, start a load of towels, and take trash to the bins downstairs. Please do not make the beds and leave the sheets/covers on the beds. If you fail to follow check-out instructions and leave the house a mess, you will be responsible for additional cleaning fees.

Accidental Damage Coverage: Each Guest will purchase non-refundable Accidental Damage Coverage that protects you against unintended damage done to the Property. This is not insurance, and the Damage Coverage does not apply to intentional damage done by the Guest or your guests, or excessive wear and tear due to parties, smoking, pets or otherwise, or additional cleaning charges due to stains or spills, or fines incurred by the police or HOA due to noise, excessive trash or parking, or unintended damage over the purchased amount of $500. If excessive wear and tear is found on the property, or additional cleaning is necessary due to spills, trash left on site, unclean dishes, removal of smoke and/or other illegal drug smells, stains to furniture, carpeting, linens, paint, wallpaper, or flooring, Guest authorizes the Owner to bill them for additional fees by charging their card on file. The owner is under no obligation to use the least expensive means of restoration. 

Indemnity: The owner does not assume any liability for loss, theft, damage, or injury to the Guest, his/her guests, or other occupants in the Home. The Guest, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, assignors, executors, and administrators, fully releases and discharges Owner from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action by reason of any injury or whatever nature which has or have occurred, or may occur to the Guest, his/her guests or other occupants of the home as a result of, or in connection with the occupancy of the Home and agrees to hold Owner free and harmless of any claim or suit arising therefrom. In any action concerning the rights, duties, or liabilities of the parties to this Agreement, all litigation must be handled in Galveston, Texas (location of the property.)

Noise and Occupancy: If at any time the maximum number of the Rental Property’s occupants is exceeded or if we receive information about excessive noise, the Owner has the right to evict the Guest and all occupants immediately with no refund for the balance of the remaining reservation.

Smoking: No smoking/tobacco products, vaping, marijuana, or other illegal drugs are allowed in or around the Rental Property.

Pets: This is a private Rental Property and pets are NOT allowed. If any sign of a pet is discovered, then the Guest authorizes the Owner to charge the Guest an additional minimum $500 cleaning fee. The owner has the right to evict the Guest and all occupants immediately with no refund for the balance of the remaining reservation if a pet is discovered.

Maintenance and Access: We have the right to enter the Rental Property at any time during guest stay and we will diligently attempt to address maintenance issues as they occur. This is an associated risk of renting a single-family residence. If a maintenance issue occurs that cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time or if the Rental Property is unavailable for any reason as determined in our discretion, and significantly affects your stay; we reserve the right to refund at our discretion and the Guest expressly acknowledges that in no event shall Owner be held liable for any special or consequential damages which result from this unavailability.

Security Cameras Notification: The Rental Property premises are equipped with exterior cameras for security reasons to provide surveillance of entrances and gates in areas of public view. Guests agree they will not tamper or attempt to disable the cameras. Cameras are typically turned off upon guest check-in. 

Phone and Internet: The Rental Property is equipped with a high-speed Wi-Fi connection and we will provide you with any required Wi-Fi passwords. A landline is NOT provided, and we suggest that you please use your mobile phone or Wi-Fi enabled phone for calls.  We are located on an island, so the Wi-Fi service is not always guaranteed. 

Water and Septic: DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper in toilets.  NO feminine products, wipes, diapers or foreign objects should ever be flushed. If it is found that misuse has resulted in clogging the sewer system, you could be charged for damages.

Grill: Use grill 4 ft away from the house, in the open. Do not use in the garage, second-level deck, or under the Rental Property.  This is to prevent a fire hazard.  The best area to grill is on the grass or in front of the Rental Property.  

Beaches and Recreational Equipment of Any Kind: The Rental Property is located directly on a beach and includes various beach toys, these can all be obviously dangerous. Guests should observe and adhere to all rules and policies as posted at the Rental Property and supervise all children at all times. Guest acknowledges that Lifeguards are not provided. Decks and patios can be slippery when wet and can result in injury to anyone who is not careful. Guest accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to the use of the Rental Property, including the beach and deck/patio areas. Guest accepts and assumes all risks involved in or related to any of the following recreational equipment of any kind, including but not limited to a beach or pool equipment, golf cart, bicycles, docks, boats, paddleboards or other floating devices, pool or ping pong tables, game or sports equipment.

Safety: The guest acknowledges that the guest is solely responsible for his or her own safety as well as that of their guests and any children. This Rental Property is not childproof. There are breakables, toxic cleaning materials, choking hazards, electrical plugs, cabinets, and other potential hazards within reach of small children.  Guest/parents/guardians assume all risks.

Use of any part of the property (stove, grill, beach, etc.) may be dangerous and involve potential risks if improperly used. Such use is solely at the Guest’s own risk. Guest shall use this Rental Property for residential purposes only and in a careful manner to prevent damage to the rental property. Guests always agree to keep the property clean and in a sanitary condition. Guests shall not use this Rental Property for any immoral, offensive, or unlawful purpose, nor violate any laws and rules.

Property and Beach Restrictions: This Rental Property is in a residential neighborhood. Please abide by all city ordinances.

  • Don’t leave personal or property items, trash, towels, or chairs at the beach overnight or unattended.
  • Please respect quiet hours (11 pm to 8 am). 
  • Park all vehicles in the driveway only, outside the gated area.
  • AC and heat are for use with doors closed only. The system will shut off to avoid damage if the door or windows are left open.  Do not set AC below 68 F to avoid malfunction. 
  • All locked areas such as the owner’s cabinet and supply closet are off-limits to guests.
  • Do not move or use any indoor furniture outside, including quilts, pillows, or bath linens.
  • No food or drinks in the bedrooms please to avoid staining linens, beds, pillows, and furniture. 
  • No unapproved parties or events! This will result in immediate eviction and no refund will be provided for the remainder of the booked reservation. Additional charges may apply if the place is left messy. 
  • Walk to the beach by gates, footpaths, and walkways provided. Do not climb on the fence or the dunes. Walking, standing, or driving on dunes is illegal. Fines range up to $10,000.
  • Open fires including bonfires and fireworks are prohibited on Galveston Island including the beaches.

Lost or Missing Items: The guest is responsible for all shipping costs for any Lost and Found items that Owner is requested to return to the Guest.  Items found and not claimed within 30 days will be disposed of at the discretion of the Owner.

Weather and Other Unforeseen Events: The owner does not accept liability for any inconveniences arising from any temporary defects or stoppage in the supply of water, gas, electricity, plumbing, satellite/cable, WIFI, damage caused by weather/road conditions, natural disasters, pandemics, acts of God or other reasons beyond its control. No refunds will be given for any delays or cancellations due to such conditions. Travel Insurance is highly recommended for all stays.

Travel Insurance:  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND obtaining travel insurance for your trip. Emergencies happen when you least expect them such as sickness, accidents, death of a loved one, and/or severe weather events such as hurricane warnings, impact or aftermath. It’s rare, but mandatory evacuations can happen. We do not compensate for the cost of inconvenience that such unforeseen events can have on vacation plans.

Furnished Rental and Supplies: The Rental Property is a fully furnished property that includes bedspreads, linens, blankets, pillows, towels, a fully equipped kitchen, TVs, and furnishings. A limited starter supply of paper products, bath, and dish soap are provided, but will not be replaced if consumed during your stay so we recommend bringing additional personal items with you. Beach towels are always recommended, so please pack those along. 

Pest Control: Every effort is made to eliminate the occurrence of pests in our home. This rental property is serviced for pests by a licensed professional exterminator on a regular basis. As many insects are indigenous to our area- particularly ants, mosquitoes, and palmetto bugs- we recommend keeping all doors and windows closed and that you do not leave food on counters or tables. No other arrangements, property substitutions, rate adjustments, or refunds will be issued for pest-related problems. 

Early Departure: Once the property has been occupied, no refund will be due if the guest decides to vacate the property before the end of the rental period.  

Not following any of the above-stated policies and house rules can result in additional fees.

By signing below, you agree that you have reviewed and agreed to the terms above. Execution of a digital signature shall be deemed a valid, legal signature.